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Fit and Fabulous Weekly Fitness Challenge

Staying home, staying safe doesn’t mean giving up staying active. For the next few weeks, we challenge MD JCI Senators to join us in doing just that – by exercising. Simply engage in a physical exercise for at least 10 consecutive minutes each day. Exercise can be aerobics, walking, jogging, running, weight training, cycling, swimming (if you have access), yoga, tai chi – well, you get the idea. Keep track of your daily activities, either by keeping a log, or with your Fitbit or other smart watch.

Engage in the minimum number of minutes every day for that week’s goal and you have MET THE CHALLENGE!!! (patting yourself on the back is a bonus, it doesn’t add minutes to your total). The goal for each week of the Challenge increases: 10 minutes per day for the first week; 20 minutes per day the second week; 30 minutes per day the third week; and 40 minutes per day (whew) the fourth week. Activities, to count, must each be at least 10 consecutive minutes, different activities may be added together for your daily total. For example, if you do two 15 minute aerobics sessions in a day, you have done 30 minutes for that day.

Email your week’s results to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. on Saturday of each week. Week 1 is now finished.

Week 3 begins Sunday, April 26.

“Challenge Winners” will be posted here on the MD JCI Senate website and on the MD JCI Senate’s Facebook page. If you were not able to meet one week’s challenge, DO NOT despair, keep going, and meet the next week’s challenge. Getting involved in the challenge is more than something to help occupy us in these difficult days – it can become a habit, one which may change your life. JOIN IN AND GET FIT AND FABULOUS!!

Congratulations to our “WINNERS” for Week 1:

Diane Baerveldt, Lisa Benish, Bob Crum, Kathy Crum, Ken Freeman, Jess Kling, Jennifer Ray, John Woelpper, Sue Woelpper

Congratulations to our “WINNERS” for Week 2:

Calvin Baerveldt, Diane Baerveldt, Bob Crum, Kathy Crum, Ken Freeman, Jess Kling, John Woelpper, Sue Woelpper

Congratulations to our “WINNERS” for Week 3:

Calvin Baerveldt, Diane Baerveldt, Bob Crum, Kathy Crum, Ken Freeman, Jess Kling, Jennifer Ray, Sue Woelpper

Congratulations to our “WINNERS” for Week 4:

Diane Baerveldt, Bob Crum, Kathy Crum, Ken Freeman

Thanks to everyone who participated and I wish you much successf in continuing your personal fitness challenges.

 On the Path to Fit and Fabulous

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Application for MD JCI Senate Foundation Scholarships --The MD JCI Senate awarded two scholarships in 2020 for $1,000 each to MD high school graduates going on to college.  Congratulations to both of the 2020 recipients.  In addition, we are very pleased that one of the winners of the MD JCI Senate Foundation scholarships was also selected by the US JCI Senate Foundation to receive one of their scholarships.  Applications with submission instructions for 2021 will be available in the Fall of 2020.

If you will be traveling as a MD JCI Senator, or group of Senators, you don't want to go out without your very own MD JCI Senate Greensboro Trail flyer.  Download it here, print in color, and take with you to get that outstanding photo of you, your group, and the Greensboro Trail flyer wherever you may roam.  The flyer should be in the photo with at least three individuals (non-national officers) at events outside of the state. The photo should be submitted to President Jennifer for submission to national.  MD JCI Senate Greensboro Trail Flyer


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Maryland JCI Senate Foundation

MARYLAND JCI SENATE FOUNDATION The MD JCI Senate Foundation has as its primary purpose the granting of educational scholarships for deserving high school graduates in the state of Maryland.  For many years, the MD JCI Senate selected and provided these merit based scholarships.

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Return The Favor

Strengthening the Jaycee movement by ‘Returning the Favor’ with project assistance, training and mentoring

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